Lesson in welcoming

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In every new job there is a learning curve.  I knew that this would be the case when I started at common cathedral but I never expected I would need to learn how to welcome. I come from an Italian family who welcomes well, loves well, and believes that there is always room at the table for one more. Yet, my past jobs and global communities did not prepare me for how deep and loving a common cathedral welcome can be.  

The power of a common cathedral welcome is that it does not matter how you enter the space. If you are healthy, happy and ready to share your joy, the community is there to welcome you. If you have stumbled, sick and feeling empty, the community is there to welcome you.

Last week a community member came to common art and received a "Mary Welcome". If you don't know Mary, our associate street pastor, you should. When Mary welcomes you are truly seen, truly loved and you know she cares.

This community member came to common art to check in. After years of living on the streets he has been living in an apartment. He has not been around common art much lately, as he now enjoys being able to watch TV and listen to music, any time he wishes.

When he came in he was dressed head to toe in Red Sox gear, worn jeans, and shoes that have already walked miles. Although not originally from Boston he shared that he has fallen in love with being a Bostonian and believes God brought him to be a part of the common cathedral community.

This community member was given a hug, welcomed back and told how much he had been missed. This welcome began with Mary but quickly the community saw he had returned and greeted him as well. A welcome anyone would have stopped to notice but it was what happened next that was humbling.

He turned to me, asked my name and wanted to hear my story. This community member knows the power of the welcome which, without prejudice, includes everyone. As staff I had assumed I would be the one welcoming but in being welcomed I saw the power in our ministry. He welcomed me into the community, welcomed me into this community of Christ.

My prayer today is that we all find this passion to welcome. No matter our path in life, no matter our housing situation, may we welcome all and offer a sign of the restorative power of Jesus Christ. 

Amanda Grant-Rose, Executive Director, common cathedral