uncommon month at common cathedral

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It has been a full and beautiful three weeks as the new Executive Director of common cathedral. I had the privilege of my first day being on a Wednesday at common art, allowing me to be surrounded by creative, smart and welcoming people.  


When I arrived on my first day I was greeted by the community leadership team. We quickly set up tables, art supplies, and started the coffee. Within an hour Emmanuel Church was filled with un-housed and housed all sitting in front of their canvasses, milling around to look at each other's art for inspiration, or talking with the staff about the week's challenges and successes.


I was not an outsider for long. Within minutes my hand was taken and I was swept up in the excitement of the upcoming art shows, heard personal stories from the artists on why they were there, and asked to pray with those needing support. The day flew by and between trying to remember names, serving lunch and trying a little art myself -- the day quickly came to an end.


Since that first day the common art community has blessed me and provided me with an Ecclesia cross which I now wear proudly. Each Sunday the common cathedral community on the Boston Common greets me just as warmly -- as do members of the larger community, many of whom have supported the ministry over the past 20 years.


As I am sure many of you know, being a member of the common cathedral community brings much more to you than you can ever give in return. It will take me years to give back just a touch of what I have been given -- in only three weeks. 

Amanda Grant-Rose, Executive Director, common cathedral