common cathedral is here...

This has been a harsh winter - too many storms, too much darkness, too little rest.

For some members of our community conditions have been especially difficult. Not enough food. Not enough clothing. Not enough warmth. Not enough security. Not enough hope.

But common cathedral is here, witnessing love, bringing new hope to a tired world. Our ministers are out there, meeting people where they are, on the streets or in hospital - building bridges between housed and unhoused communities - passing on the gifts of clothing and of handmade scarves lovingly provided by congregations in Boston and beyond - providing opportunities, no matter the weather, for people to gather in warmth and safety, share a meal, recharge, create.

Spring is coming. Daylight is growing, and so is our conviction that brighter days are ahead.

We know this because of the ongoing and steadfast support of many. We know this because of new offers of help that are coming our way, almost every day. We know this because of the deeper engagement that we are feeling within and throughout our shared community. We know this as we work, ever more cooperatively, towards a more loving, transparent, efficient, mutually supportive organization that is poised to live fully into its core mission.

Our mission is clear and as necessary today as it was when this ministry began twenty years ago: "We are one congregation, housed and un-housed, sharing Jesus' love through community, artistic expression, pastoral care, and outdoor worship on Boston Common."

All are welcome here. If you haven't yet -- won't you join us?

Debra Leonard, Board Member, common cathedral