common art goes to the United Nations (and other news)

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Dear Friends,


This has been a difficult month for unhoused Bostonians.

The abrupt closure of the Long Island shelter (during which those displaced were not allowed to retrieve their belongings or to continue receiving needed services) increased the anxiety and frustration of our entire community. We have responded by reaching out to - being in community with -- and holding in prayer -- those who have been displaced. As we anticipate that the need for clothing will be greater, we are making sure that we will have plenty on hand to be given out at November's CityReach.

The violence perpetrated against two Park Rangers on the Common rocked our community as well. Although the alleged perpetrator was known by some in our community, he did not choose to attend our programs. We have responded to this incident by reaching out to all the Park Rangers, by keeping them (as well as the alleged perpetrator) in prayer, and by continuing our prayers for peace and understanding for all.

Even though our community is not new to having to live a transient life - or to witnessing violence - these events have been hard to handle.

However, in the face of these tragedies one thing is clear. Our community is resilient. We will continue to be a peaceful presence on the Common. We will continue to stand together with hope, and to work for justice. We remain dedicated to welcoming all to God's table.

And to sharing our good news.

We are proud to share how our common art program sent two representatives to the United Nations in New York City, to accompany the mural we created last spring, and to speak with international leaders to advocate on behalf of those experiencing poverty.

We share Pastor Mary's delight in anticipation of the life-changing power that is CityReach.

We are also pleased to share with you our new website. Please spend some time here, reading more about the work, the church, the intentional community we are building together.

And - we thank you for being a part of this great community.


Amanda Grant-Rose            Dr. Debra Leonard
Executive Director                Board of Directors