Deacon Ken's Farwell Message

Dear Friends,

Most of you know I am called by God, and Ordained by the Episcopal Church, to be a Deacon. As a Deacon, I have been assigned to Ecclesia Ministries to work with common cathedral, common art and CityReach. These three years have been a challenging, wonderful and life-changing experience for me, and I have come to know and care for this special community.  Now this assignment is coming to an end, and my final day with this ministry will be Sunday, July 12.

While I am sad at the thought of leaving, I am filled with pride at the work we have done together.  I will never forget the stories you shared with me, how you shared your lives with me. How we laughed and cried together, complained of the heat and cold together, and how we prayed together.

These experiences changed me, shaped my ministry, and will go with me wherever I am called.

When someone speaks to me of the Kingdom of God, I'll smile and say, "Yes, I know. I used to work there."

Please keep me in your prayers, and please know you are in mine.  May God's blessings always, always, always be with you.

Your brother in Christ,

Deacon Ken