Record Cold

Valentine's Day Sunday, 2016 was a day of record cold in Boston -- and a very special day of love for our common cathedral community.
Pastors Mary and Laura started their morning reaching out to folks through texting and social media. They then walked throughout the city to check on our community -- starting at South Station, and then on to Downtown Crossing, Copley Square and the Prudential Center. 
Meanwhile, Sharon and Amanda met at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral to load up a cart with hot cocoa. This was handed out to about 50 people out on Tremont Street, together with sandwiches and snacks lovingly prepared by the congregation of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Weston.  
Eight hardy souls gathered on the Common for a short worship service, including songs, brief reflection, communion (using a frozen oatmeal cookie!) and lots of jumping to stay warm. 
Because people were so tired, post-worship bible study inside St. Paul's became a time of meditation and rest. 
After worship, the rest of the sandwiches were sent back to the places where Pastors Mary and Laura had visited earlier in the day.
Thank you to St. Peter's, to St. Paul's and to our intrepid staff and community, for going the extra mile to make sure folks could get some nourishment (of all kinds) to help them through an especially challenging day. 
And Thank You to all who support all our ministries in so many ways. You make it all possible!