Message from Rev. Kate

When we opened BostonWarm last year in response to the closing of the Long Island Bridge, we had no idea what a difference it would make. Through a long and challenging winter, we were blessed to be able to offer shelter, warmth, food, hot coffee, rest, storage, resources, information... and caring, and respect, and hope for people struggling through all the many challenges of being on the street. Together we became community, creating a space for grace to fill us with so much more than any of us knew how to ask or imagine. As one guest has written:

"I was lost in a city where I knew no one, experiencing a life of homelessness that I could not even start to understand. BostonWarm and its staff gave me a place I could come to and feel safe. In those first few months, the staff of BostonWarm saved my life.  If I had not had this safe place to go to I know the "shelter" life would have beaten me.  I would have become lost in the crowd as another homeless addict." 
- Darren Ireland [quote used with permission]

Today, we are so glad to have come under the common cathedral canopy. In our Emmanuel Church location, we continue to do what we've always done: offer friendship, and rest, food and resources. An important part of our work is welcoming and orienting volunteers, so that they can meet our wonderful community first-hand and learn about life on the streets from those who are living it. 

BostonWarm has become an oasis of warmth and peace in the city. Thanks to all our donors and friends for helping create a vision of a world where sharing by all means scarcity for none.

~ Rev. Kate Layzer