Rest In Peace

Yesterday I led a sunrise Memorial Service for Michael. He was someone I never met. I know he had a childhood, a family, and many stories. I'm sure he laughed at certain jokes and cried watching certain movies.

Michael died outside last Wednesday.

He was unfamiliar to the people who slept next to him. He was unfamiliar to those who made the awful discovery of his death. He was a stranger to those who kept vigil over his body while the police and medical examiner arrived.

He mattered. The people with him mattered. 

Please pray for Michael, who is safe in the arms of a God who welcomes him home.

Pray for an end of the injustice of homelessness. For the courageous people outside who choose life. Life!

Pray that our rage, grief, and fear are transformed into good works for change.
Because the world needs to change. 

~ Rev. Mary  

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