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common cathedral is both an ecumenical ministry to Boston's homeless population and a unique resource for faith communities in the surrounding towns to engage in ministry to the homeless in Boston.

We are common cathedral

common cathedral (Ecclesia Ministries, Inc.) is an outdoor congregation, housed and un-housed, sharing God’s love through community, pastoral care, creative expression, and worship on Boston Common. We are non-proselytizing and ecumenical. We welcome and support all people.

Outdoor Worship at Boston's common cathedral

Outdoor Worship at Boston's common cathedral

common cathedral serves as an important community for people experiencing homelessness, and for faith communities who want to be in supportive relationship with un-housed individuals and their friends

common cathedral welcomes everyone to participate fully in our worship and extended hospitality. Youth and adults join together for worship on Boston Common and are also welcome to participate in our additional programs.

Whatever your situation, housed or homeless, we hope the material presented on this web site will be both useful and inspirational.

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I came upon this place by accident. It was a beautiful day… a lot of people were around the cross singing. Someone invited me to join them. I hesitated for a moment and then said, “why not?” I saw a few people I have known on the street and they seemed to be the ones doing the right things. This spoke to me. We are a community. We are a sanctuary inside or outside. We are all connected…This community has given me the ability to be more compassionate. God loves us no matter who we are!
— H, common cathedral member