In October 2014 Boston’s Long Island Bridge - which had provided Boston’s only access to the city’s largest homeless shelter and to private detox centers - was condemned. Its closure abruptly displaced more than 700 persons. Whether these vulnerable individuals were soon sheltered elsewhere or moved to the streets, the experience has been traumatic. Many are still struggling to recover.

A coalition of religious leaders came together in response to this crisis and established two BostonWarm Day Centers, which opened in January 2015. These centers provided critical practical, personal and nonjudgmental support for hundreds of unhoused neighbors throughout that record breaking winter.

The coalition soon found that the dire need for safe supportive community did not end with the winter cold. As a consequence, one of the two BostonWarm day centers continued throughout September 2015.

And then, with the blessings and support of the coalition that founded it, on October 5th 2015, management of this day center transferred to common cathedral - and was then hosted at Boston’s Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Participation at BostonWarm@Emmanuel has been strong and continues to grow, now numbering more than 70 guests per day.

In addition to the stable community that has developed since the opening of the BostonWarm day centers, we welcome new persons into our community, including those who are newly unhoused. We expect that our numbers will continue to grow throughout the winter.

We are committed to the continuation of the day center but to make that happen we need your help.  Please consider making a financial contribution or volunteering your time on Mondays or Fridays from September through May and Thursdays from June through August at our BostonWarm@Emmanuel day shelter.

To donate please send a check to P.O. Box 51003 Boston, MA 02205 or donate online at

To volunteer please email Amanda at